Food Prep Equipment Repair

We provide expert repair service for commercial food prep equipment. Our team in Santa Rosa and Northern California provides swift, reliable solutions for all food prepping equipment.

About Our Food Prep Equipment Service.

Efficient and reliable food prep equipment is essential for the smooth operation of commercial kitchens, enabling chefs to deliver high-quality meals efficiently. Malfunctions can disrupt kitchen workflow and impact food quality. Our factory-trained technicians, authorized to work on all top branded equipment, provide swift, effective repairs to keep your food prep operations flawless.

Professional Food Prep Equipment Installation.

Correct installation is crucial for the optimal performance of food prep equipment. Our team ensures each piece is installed with precision, fully calibrated, and ready to meet the rigorous demands of your kitchen, setting the stage for seamless food preparation processes.

Trusted Food Prep Equipment Maintenance.

Regular maintenance extends the lifespan and enhances the reliability of your food prep equipment. Our maintenance services are designed to preemptively address wear and tear, with thorough inspections and adjustments ensuring your equipment remains in top working order.

Reliable Emergency Food Prep Equipment Service.

Our 24/7 emergency repair service is here to address any sudden issues with your food prep equipment, minimizing downtime and ensuring your kitchen's productivity remains uninterrupted. We understand the urgency of these repairs and are committed to restoring your equipment's functionality as quickly as possible.

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We Repair and Service Food Prep Equipment From Top Brands.

Lytle FEG is ready to service and repair a wide range of food prep equipment, from top brands. With our commitment to quick, dependable service, you can rely on us to ensure your food prep appliances support the efficient and successful operation of your culinary business, allowing you to focus on creating exceptional dishes.

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We Increase Your Food Prep Equipment's Uptime.

Lytle FEG is the definitive solution for food prep equipment repair in Northern California, dedicated to ensuring your food preparation appliances are always in prime condition. Our expertise is indispensable for kitchens in restaurants, cafes, and any culinary setting where food prep equipment is key to daily operations.

Image Increase Uptime: Support all food prep equipment reducing equipment downtime.
Image Increased Efficiency: Help to speed up your kitchen's prep time.
Image Increase Consistency: With optimized prepping equipment, your staff and consistently produce delicious meals each time.
Image Emergency Service: Prevents costly operational interruptions.
Image Enhanced Safety: Safeguards staff with reduced accident risks.
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Hobart 68001 Meat Saw
Hobart 80 Quart Mixer
Hobart H9 Slicer
Hobart HL600 Mixer
Hobart Mixer Gear & Oil Replacement
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