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Charbroiler & Griddle Repair

Lytle FEG is a leader in charbroiler and griddle repair, catering to the culinary needs of Northern California's bustling restaurants, cafes, and food service establishments. We ensure that your charbroiling and griddling capabilities are always primed for perfect performance.

About Our Charbroiler and Griddle Service.

Charbroilers and griddles are essential for achieving that distinct flavor and precise cooking control required in professional kitchens. A malfunction can compromise food quality and kitchen efficiency. Our factory-trained technicians, authorized to work on top branded cooking equipment, are experts in delivering fast, reliable repairs to keep your kitchen operations seamless.

Professional Charbroiler and Griddle Installation.

The cornerstone of optimal charbroiler and griddle performance is professional installation. Our specialists are adept at accurately installing these pieces of equipment, ensuring they are set up for maximum efficiency and safety according to your kitchen's unique demands.

Trusted Charbroiler and Griddle Maintenance.

Regular maintenance of your charbroiler and griddle is crucial to their reliability and longevity. Our maintenance services are designed to prevent unexpected breakdowns, with thorough inspections and cleaning to ensure your equipment consistently delivers top-notch performance.

Reliable Emergency Charbroiler and Griddle Service.

Facing an unexpected breakdown? Our 24/7 emergency repair service is here to swiftly address and resolve any issues with your charbroiler or griddle, minimizing downtime and ensuring your kitchen's productivity doesn't skip a beat.

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We Repair and Service Your Charbroiler and Griddle.

Whether it's a heavy-duty charbroiler or a versatile griddle, our experienced team is equipped to handle all types of repairs and services. With our commitment to fast, dependable service, Lytle FEG ensures your charbroiling and griddling equipment supports your culinary creations without interruption.

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"Charbroiler or Griddle wont turn on"

If you have push start igniter that won't generate an initial spark then it could either mean one thing - the igniter is clogged, or there's a wiring repair needed. To find out for sure what needs fixing in this situation, take off your cooking grates and carefully inspect each burner to make certain none has been damaged by food residue before cleaning them as necessary.

"Flame won't stay lit"

If your grill is turning on, but the flames constantly extinguish, it could be caused by one of three familiar issues. First, check and make sure that you've set up everything properly for cooking with a flame including, preheating the grill, charbroiler, or griddle. Next, make sure the tubes connecting the valve orifice are positioned directly over them; lastly, clear out any blockages along their route.

"The Flame is orange or yellow instead of blue"

Typically an issue resulting from a clogged venture tube. A service provider such as Lytle FEG would be needed to inspect the control valve, realign any off-centered tubes, and clear blockages that could be obstructing the flow of fuel.

"Griddle is cooking uneven"

A piece of commercial cooking equipment such as a grill, charbroiler, or griddle cooking unevenly is usually the result of a blocked burner. Excess grease drippings can clog the ports around the burners. Lytle FEG service technicians can quickly remove any blockage and reassemble burners to have them working like new.

Our Sales & Service Territory.

Lytle Food Equipment Group is the authorized branch representative in Santa Rosa and Northern California for Hobart Sales & Service. We are an Exclusive Distributor of equipment, Hobart service, and parts for all ITW FEG Brands and have been proudly serving this area since 1968.

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