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Commercial Disposer Repair

Lytle FEG offers expert commercial disposer repair services, essential for maintaining the efficiency and hygiene of kitchens in restaurants, cafes, and other food service operations across Northern California. Our aim is to ensure your commercial disposer works seamlessly, preventing backups and keeping your kitchen running smoothly.

About Our Commercial Disposer Service.

A functioning commercial disposer is crucial for waste management in any busy kitchen, helping to prevent clogs and maintain cleanliness. When disposers fail, it can lead to significant disruptions. Our team, composed of factory-trained technicians authorized to work on all Hobart disposals, provides swift, effective repairs to restore functionality and kitchen workflow.

Professional Commercial Disposer Installation.

Proper installation is key to a commercial disposer's longevity and performance. Our specialists ensure your disposer is correctly installed, considering all necessary plumbing and electrical connections, to offer reliable waste disposal from the start.

Trusted Commercial Disposer Maintenance.

Regular maintenance is essential to extend the life of your commercial disposer and prevent unexpected failures. Our comprehensive maintenance checks include cleaning, inspection, and prompt repair of any wear and tear, ensuring your disposer operates efficiently and effectively.

Reliable Emergency Commercial Disposer Service.

In the event of an emergency, our 24/7 repair service is ready to tackle any disposer issues, minimizing downtime and potential health hazards. We prioritize quick, dependable solutions to get your kitchen's waste management system back in order without delay.

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We Repair and Service Commercial Disposers.

Lytle FEG is equipped to handle repairs and service for commercial disposers of all makes and models. With our commitment to prompt, reliable service, you can count on us to ensure your kitchen waste system works perfectly, supporting the overall efficiency and cleanliness of your operation.

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"Disposal Won't turn on"

When your disposer won't turn on, we find that in most cases there are electrical issues with the cord or power supply. Our techs go over a checklist to ensure your machine is getting power, and more importantly the correct amount of power.

"Replacement cone adapter needed"

There comes a time when a commercial disposer is too old to be maintained, and buying a replacement is the best option. Identifying the correct cone adapter for a snug fit will save you on problems down the road.

"Disposer making noises"

We can fix any issue you may be experiencing with your Hobart garbage disposal. Including that strange noise. In most cases, a foreign object such as a fork or spoon has lodged itself, causing that horrible noise.

"Disposer is leaking"

The most common area is likely where the sink connects to its flange and near any hoses or cables running into that unit for input or output purposes (dishwasher-related).

Our Sales & Service Territory.

Lytle Food Equipment Group is the authorized branch representative in Santa Rosa and Northern California for Hobart Sales & Service. We are an Exclusive Distributor of equipment, Hobart service, and parts for all ITW FEG Brands and have been proudly serving this area since 1968.

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