Commercial Food Scale Repair
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Commercial Food Scale Repair

Lytle FEG is your premier servicer of commercial food scale repair and maintenance services. With a commitment to providing top-notch service and support, we keep your food scales running consistently and accurately. Whether you need an emergency repair, replacement parts, installation services, or calibration, we are here to help.

Our Commercial Food Scale Repair Services

Lytle FEG specializes in servicing Hobart Commercial Food Scales. These commercial scales work wonders for restaurants and supermarkets that need accurate measurements and consistent computing results. With advanced features only a Hobart scale can offer, many businesses prefer Hobart HT series scales to increase revenue and decrease shrink.

Our techs are Hobart trained to provide mechanical and technological support to unlock your scale's full potential. We can fix any weighing, labeling, or price computing issue that you may be experiencing.

Commercial Food Scale installation

Our team of experts will work with you to determine the best scale for your needs. We consider factors such as size, capacity, accuracy, and budget. We'll then install your new scale with the utmost care and precision, ensuring it is properly configured and functioning at its best.

Food Scale Calibration

For consistent and accurate readings, regularly calibrating your food scale is crucial. At Lytle FEG, we offer comprehensive commercial food scale calibration services to improve your scale's accuracy and compliance with industry standards.

Our team of technicians will analyze your scale using advanced calibration weights. This will help us see if the scale is reading accurately and consistently. If it is not, we will adjust the scale. We'll also make any necessary repairs or replace any parts that may be causing the scale to read inaccurately.

Food Scale Preventative Maintenance

In addition to calibration and installation services, we also offer preventative maintenance services to keep your scale in top condition. Our team will review your scale's performance and complete any necessary repairs. We'll also clean and lubricate all moving parts to ensure optimal performance.

24 7 Emergency Food Scale Repair

Lytle FEG responds quickly to customers when they need us most. We are there day and night with 24/7 Emergency repair services when your equipment is down. Our factory-trained technicians are your to-go experts when you need commercial food scale repair in Northern California.

We Have You Covered...

At Lytle FEG, we're the go-to pros for commercial food scale repair, catering to restaurants and bakeries alike. Our top-notch services span a wide range of makes and models. Whether you’re seeking precision calibration for your bakery's delicate measurements or need to ensure accuracy in portion control for your restaurant's bustling kitchen, we've got you covered.

With a steadfast commitment to repairing commercial food scales of all types, we bring your kitchen back to peak efficiency in no time. Trust Lytle FEG to keep your culinary measurements spot-on.

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Common Commercial Scale Issues We Fix

Display Issues

One of the most common issues with food scales is display problems. This can range from a display that is not working at all, to one that is not accurately displaying the weight of the food. In some cases, the display may be flickering, or the readings may be "jumping around." It may be necessary to replace the display or troubleshoot the wiring and connections between the display and the scale's internal components.

Accuracy Issues

Another common problem with food scales is accuracy issues. This can be caused by several factors, including incorrect calibration, worn or damaged internal components, or incorrect installation. There may be accuracy issues that can be fixed by calibrating the scale. You may need to replace damaged or worn parts or ensure the scale is level on a stable surface.

Power Problems

Power problems can also be a common issue with food scales. This can range from a scale that will not turn on at all, to one that turns off unexpectedly. To resolve power issues, it may be necessary to replace the power supply, check the wiring and connections, or troubleshoot the power source itself.

Slow Response Times

Slow response time is another issue that can arise with food scales. This can be caused by several factors, including worn or damaged internal components, incorrect calibration, or incorrect installation. To fix slow response time issues, you may need to calibrate the scale, replace any damaged or worn parts, or make sure that the scale is installed correctly and leveled on a stable surface.

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Commercial Food Scale Parts

To keep your food scale working consistently, it's vital to use high-quality replacement parts. At Lytle FEG, we have exclusive access to over $100 million worth of Hobart and ITW parts. If you need a new display, power supply, or any other component, we have what you need to get your scale working again.

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