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Flight Type Dishwasher Repair

Lytle FEG stands as a pivotal service provider for flight type dishwasher repair across Northern California, ensuring large-scale food service operations run seamlessly. Our goal is to keep your flight type dishwasher in optimal condition, supporting the extensive dishwashing demands of your bustling kitchen.

About Our Flight Type Dishwasher Service.

Flight type dishwashers are essential for the smooth operation of high-volume dining facilities, where speed and hygiene are paramount. Any disruption can significantly affect service and sanitation. Our factory-trained technicians, authorized to work on all Hobart and Centerline dishwashers, specialize in rapid, efficient repairs to maintain your operation’s high standards and throughput.

Professional Flight Type Dishwasher Installation.

The installation of a flight type dishwasher requires precision and expertise to ensure it meets your kitchen’s specific needs and regulatory requirements. Our professionals are adept at installing these sophisticated systems, guaranteeing they function efficiently and integrate seamlessly into your kitchen’s workflow from the start.

Trusted Flight Type Dishwasher Maintenance.

Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity and reliability of your flight type dishwasher. Our comprehensive service program is designed to preemptively address wear and tear, optimizing your dishwasher’s performance and preventing unexpected breakdowns that could hinder your kitchen's efficiency.

Reliable Emergency Flight Type Dishwasher Service.

We offer around-the-clock emergency repair services to address any sudden malfunctions with your flight type dishwasher. Understanding the critical role this equipment plays in your kitchen, we prioritize quick, effective solutions to restore functionality and minimize downtime, ensuring your operations continue without interruption.

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We Repair and Service Flight Type Dishwashers.

No matter the complexity of the issue or the model of your flight type dishwasher, our experienced team is equipped to handle all repair and service needs. With a focus on fast, reliable service, Lytle FEG is dedicated to ensuring your flight type dishwasher meets the relentless demands of your high-volume kitchen, maintaining operational excellence and hygiene standards.

Total Coverage
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"Wash tank not heating"

Even with automatic soil removing technology in Hobart flight type models, the water temperature needs to reach a certain level to maximize cleaning.

"Final rinse temperature is too low"

If your final rinse temperature is too low, several undesirable effects can occur, including spotting.

"Temperature is not high enough"

Commercial dishwashers need to reach a certain temperature to effectively clean and sanitize dishes and cookware.

"Faulty control board"

A Flight Type Dishwasher can reduce your energy consumption considerably. The control board controls all electric functions. When an issue arises with operational functions, a good place to start is by checking the control board.

Our Sales & Service Territory.

Lytle Food Equipment Group is the authorized branch representative in Santa Rosa and Northern California for Hobart Sales & Service. We are an Exclusive Distributor of equipment, Hobart service, and parts for all ITW FEG Brands and have been proudly serving this area since 1968.

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