Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Get expert commercial refrigeration repair service. Our team in Santa Rosa and Northern California provides swift, reliable solutions that keep your business running smoothly.

What Our Commercial Refrigeration Repair Service Includes.

Benefit from enhanced equipment performance, reduced downtime, and savings on energy costs, ensuring your refrigeration systems support your business without interruption.

Our comprehensive refrigeration repair service ensures your equipment operates at its best. From professional installation and careful calibration to emergency repairs and regular maintenance, we cover all bases. Trust us to extend the life of your refrigeration units, providing efficiency and reliability when you need it most.

Expert Refrigeration Equipment Installation.

Proper installation is key to refrigeration efficiency. Our technicians install your refrigeration equipment with precision, ensuring it meets all specifications for optimal performance. This attention to detail from the start avoids future issues, saving time and money.

Careful Calibration Service.

Our calibration services guarantee your refrigeration equipment operates within the ideal parameters. This careful adjustment minimizes energy use while maximizing performance, ensuring your products stay perfectly chilled.

Emergency Refrigeration Service and Repair.

When refrigeration emergencies arise, our team responds swiftly to resolve the issue. Our expert repair services minimize downtime, keeping your operations running and protecting your perishable goods.

Refrigeration Maintenance For Longevity.

Regular maintenance is the backbone of long-lasting refrigeration equipment. Our maintenance programs are designed to prevent future breakdowns, enhance efficiency, and extend the lifespan of your units, ensuring they work hard for your business.

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Type Of Refrigeration Units We Service.

Not only can a broken refrigeration unit lead to food waste and increased costs, but it can also pose a safety risk to your employees and customers. Our technicians are experts in repairing all types of commercial refrigeration units. This includes walk-in coolers and freezers to reach-in refrigerators from top brands such as Traulsen and Centerline. We use only the highest quality OEM parts, and perform each repair with the utmost care and attention to detail. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our repair services, so you can rest assured that your refrigeration equipment is in good hands.

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Why Call Lytle FEG For Refrigeration Repair.

Calling Lytle FEG for commercial refrigeration repair service provides more than just immediate fixes; it's a step towards safeguarding the future performance and reliability of your cooling equipment. We understand the critical role refrigeration systems play in your business, which is why our services are designed to not only resolve current issues but also prevent future problems. The benefits of our repair service extend from enhancing the efficiency of your units to significantly reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns. To ensure you continue to enjoy these benefits, we've developed a comprehensive Performance Maintenance Checklist.

Our preventative maintenance checklist is designed to identify and address potential issues before they escalate, saving you from unexpected downtime and costly repairs. Partner with us, and rest assured that your refrigeration units will operate at their peak, safeguarding your products and your peace of mind.

Refrigeration Maintenance Checklist.

Image Inspect equipment for essential part replacements to minimize surprise breakdowns.
Image Clean evaporator coils and condenser coils for reach in units.
Image Perform cleaning, sanitizing, and removing any debris from drain lines.
Image Refill coolant and fix any leaks if found.
Image Replace air filters, door gaskets, and damaged racks.
Image Cost effective service that prolongs equipment performance.
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