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Lytle FEG is the leading authority on commercial deck oven repair in Northern California, specializing in keeping these essential baking units operational for pizzerias, bakeries, and culinary establishments. Our dedicated services ensure your deck oven delivers consistent, high-quality results crucial for your culinary success.

About Our Commercial Deck Oven Service.

Commercial deck ovens are prized for their ability to provide even baking and distinct crust characteristics, key for artisan bread, perfect pizzas, and other baked goods. When issues arise, they can affect the entire baking process and product quality. Our factory-trained technicians, authorized to work on all Baxter Ovens, offer rapid, skilled repairs to maintain your oven’s performance and reliability.

Professional Commercial Deck Oven Installation.

Proper installation is the cornerstone of a commercial deck oven’s functionality and efficiency. Our experts are proficient in installing these ovens, ensuring they are perfectly aligned with your kitchen's requirements and operational standards, setting you up for baking excellence from day one.

Trusted Commercial Deck Oven Maintenance.

Regular maintenance is critical for extending the lifespan and enhancing the performance of your commercial deck oven. Our thorough maintenance services include inspections and preventative care, addressing wear and tear to prevent unexpected breakdowns and ensure your oven operates at its best.

Reliable Emergency Commercial Deck Oven Service.

Our emergency repair service is available 24/7 to tackle any sudden malfunctions with your commercial deck oven. Understanding the importance of quick, effective solutions, we strive to minimize downtime, allowing you to resume your baking operations with minimal interruption.

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We Repair and Service Commercial Deck Ovens.

Lytle FEG is equipped to handle the repair and servicing of commercial deck oven models from Baxter. With our commitment to prompt, dependable service, you can trust us to ensure your deck oven supports the seamless operation of your food service business, contributing to the quality and consistency of your baked goods.

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"Baxter Deck Oven Not Heating"

The Baxter oven is designed to heat and cook products. If the oven stops heating, there could be several issues causing the problem.

  1. The unit doesn’t have power - Check that the power switch is on, the power cord is plugged in, and that the circuit breaker is also turned on if the unit lacks power.
  2. The temperature hasn’t been set - An oven needs to be set to the proper temperature setting to heat up and cook. Try adjusting as needed if you notice the oven isn’t heating or if it’s overheating.
  3. High limit is tripped - A high limit prevents oven overheating. If tripped, oven won't heat. Contact authorized technician to fix.
  4. Heating elements or temperature sensors are defective - If your oven is not heating up, it could be due to regular wear and tear or a defect. In such cases, it is best to seek help from an authorized service technician.

"Baxter Deck Oven Not Turning On"

An oven can’t cook if it won’t power on. Try checking the following for the cause:

  1. Unit isn’t plugged in - Even if you press the power button, it won’t turn on with the power cord unplugged. Make sure to check the outlet if you notice the unit is lacking power. 
  2. Internal fuse FT1 or FT2 is defective - A blown internal fuse could be the cause. Contact an authorized service technician to remedy the issue. 
  3. Control board or key switch is defective - To power on the unit, the control board and key switch need to be functioning. If they’re faulty, contact an authorized service technician. 

"Baxter Deck Oven Not Steaming"

When you start to notice the oven’s not steaming, then the following issues could be the reason:

  1. Water supply is closed - Creating steam requires water to be available. So if the water line is off, open the valve to get the unit steaming again.
  2. Steam-ready LED isn’t on - The oven LED signals readiness for steam. Allow time for recovery if not on.
  3. Water supply hose is kinked - A kink or clamp to the water supply line will create a block. Check along the hose to relieve the kink.
  4. Steam buttons or elements are defective - To generate steam, both the button and elements are essential. If they fail, contact an authorized service technician.
  5. Steam pipes or connections are scaled - Scale build-up can be resolved by an authorized technician, depending on water conditions.
  6. The Solenoid valve is defective - Faulty parts prevent operations. If the solenoid valve is the cause, contact an authorized service technician. 

"Baxter Deck Oven Chamber Not Venting"

The oven cavity needs to vent to operate properly. It might now be able to do so due to the following causes:

  1. Linkage to the vent is defective - If any of the links are damaged, the unit won’t be able to vent. Contact an authorized service technician to fix it.
  2. The vent is obstructed - If your oven is not venting properly, it could be due to a blockage. In this case, it is best to get in touch with a certified service technician who can locate and remove the obstruction.

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