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Glasswasher Repair

Lytle FEG is renowned for providing specialized glasswasher repair services to restaurants, bars, and food service establishments throughout Northern California. Our mission is to ensure your glasswasher operates flawlessly, keeping your glassware spotless and service-ready.

About Our Glasswasher Service.

Glasswashers are indispensable in settings where the clarity and cleanliness of glassware directly impact customer satisfaction. A malfunction can quickly undermine the quality of service. Leveraging our factory-trained technicians, authorized to work on all Hobart equipment, we offer rapid, reliable repairs to minimize downtime and uphold your establishment's reputation for excellence.

Professional Glasswasher Installation.

The effectiveness of a glasswasher begins with its proper installation. Our experts are proficient in installing glasswashers, ensuring they are perfectly calibrated to your specific water conditions and space requirements, optimizing cleaning efficiency and energy use from the outset.

Trusted Glasswasher Maintenance.

Routine maintenance is vital for maintaining the optimal performance of your glasswasher and extending its service life. Our maintenance program includes regular inspections, cleaning, and adjustments to prevent breakdowns, safeguarding the continuous clarity and shine of your glassware.

Reliable Emergency Glasswasher Service.

Our emergency repair service is available 24/7 to address any sudden issues with your glasswasher. We understand the importance of quick, effective responses to restore your glasswasher's functionality, ensuring your operation can proceed with minimal interruption.

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We Repair and Service Glasswashers.

Whether it's a compact undercounter model or a high-capacity industrial glasswasher, our team has the expertise and tools necessary for all types of glasswasher repairs and services. With our focus on fast, reliable service, you can trust Lytle FEG to keep your glassware gleaming and your service impeccable.

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"Glasswasher not operating"

Simple but common issues concerning the power supply to the machine can be found here.

  • Machine is turned off
  • Blown fuse or circuit breaker
  • Power cord is unplugged, disconnected, or damaged
  • Door is obstructed or not closed properly

"Glasses are spotted"

The most common issues for spotted glassware after a cycle are caused by:

  • Racks are improperly loaded
  • Low or minimal water pressure
  • Clogged wash/rinse arms
  • To must water hardness
  • Incorrect chemical types for water hardness
  • Faulty chemical rinse dispenser
  • Low water level

"Inadequate Rinse"

When you machine seems to not be running a full rinse cycle, we find the main issues begin with:

  • Dirty strainer
  • Clogged rinse nozzles
  • Faulty Rinse Valve

"Glasswasher won't drain"

Issues we run into the most when you machine has problems draining:

  • Drain pump not working
  • Damaged impeller
  • Clogged Rinse Pump
  • Faulty Dain solenoid

Our Sales & Service Territory.

Lytle Food Equipment Group is the authorized branch representative in Santa Rosa and Northern California for Hobart Sales & Service. We are an Exclusive Distributor of equipment, Hobart service, and parts for all ITW FEG Brands and have been proudly serving this area since 1968.

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