Commercial Dishwasher Repair

We provide expert repair service for Hobart Commercial Dishwashers. Our team in Santa Rosa and Northern California provides swift, reliable solutions for all Hobart Dishwashers.

About Our Commercial Dishwasher Repair Service.

For restaurant owners and food establishments, a commercial dishwasher is crucial, ensuring cleanliness and efficiency in your kitchen. However, breakdowns can halt operations, forcing a return to less efficient, manual washing that doesn’t meet state cleanliness standards.

Need quick, professional repair? We specialize in Hobart dishwasher repairs, offering 24/7 emergency services, maintenance, installation, and parts supply to minimize downtime. As Santa Rosa and Northern California’s trusted Hobart service partner for 50 years, we guarantee factory-backed, top-quality service to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

The Authorized Hobart Dishwasher Experts In Santa Rosa.

Lytle FEG is the local Hobart service partner, providing the greater Santa Rosa area and Northern California with expert dishwasher services. Our techs are Hobart trained on the industry's most advanced commercial dishwashers from Hobart and Centerline.

We are your go-to for all Hobart dishwasher service, sales, and parts.

It Starts With Expert Dishwasher Installation.

Ensure your commercial dishwasher is set up for success with professional installation by our trained and certified technicians. We leverage decades of experience to select and install the perfect dishwasher model for your space, ensuring a seamless fit without surprises. Our prompt, efficient installation service is designed to work around your kitchen's schedule, minimizing disruptions. Trust our service team to prioritize your needs and protect your investment from the start.

Local Source For Hobart Dishwasher Parts.

We're proud to be your authorized Hobart dishwasher parts provider in Santa Rosa and Northern California. As the authorized Hobart service partner, we boast access to an extensive $100 million inventory from the ITW Food Equipment Group, including parts, accessories, and dishwasher kits.

Our local warehouse is fully stocked with OEM dishwasher parts ready when you need it. If you're in search of factory-trained parts support, just give our service department a call. Our team of experts is on standby, ready to assist with all your requirements.

24/7 Commercial Dishwasher Service and Repair.

We understand the need for fast and reliable service when dishwashers breakdown. Whether it's minutes before opening or seconds before your dinner rush, your staff rely on commercial dishwashers to keep up with the pace. We're there for you, providing 24/7 emergency dishwasher support, so nothing gets in their way!

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Centerline & Hobart Dishwashers We Service.

As the designated Hobart service partner, we deliver unparalleled dishwasher services across Santa Rosa and the wider Northern California region. Our technicians are expertly trained by Hobart, specializing in the latest commercial dishwashers from both Hobart and Centerline.

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Dishwasher Maintenance Service

Regular maintenance is crucial for commercial dishwashers to minimize unplanned downtime and avoid unforeseen expenses. As your dedicated service partner, we design maintenance plans that deliver numerous advantages, ensuring your dishwashing equipment operates smoothly without interrupting your business flow.

Proactively caring for your commercial dishwasher at set intervals wards off breakdowns and unplanned costs, freeing your team to concentrate on delivering exceptional customer service. Adopting a preventive approach to maintenance not only saves time and money but also secures the reliability of your kitchen operations.

Image Enhanced Efficiency: Lowers cycle times and energy costs, boosting sustainability.
Image Extended Lifespan: Prevents wear, delaying expensive replacements.
Image Improved Sanitation: Ensures high cleanliness standards, eliminating bacteria.
Image Reduced Repairs: Catches small issues early, avoiding major breakdowns.
Image Consistent Performance: Guarantees reliable cleaning results for busy kitchens.
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Need Commercial Dishwasher Repair in Santa Rosa?

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