Commercial Cooking Equipment Repair

We offer expert repair service for commercial cooking equipment. Our team in Santa Rosa and Northern California provides swift, reliable solutions for all your cooking appliances.

Our Commercial Cooking Equipment Repair Service Includes.

Having your cooking equipment operate correctly is vital to the success of your kitchen. When a commercial oven or fryer breaks down in the middle of a dinner rush, it helps to have a reliable service provider to call for expert support.

This is where Lytle FEG comes in—our team has the experience necessary for all sorts of cooking equipment repairs. We provide cooking appliance repair services for top manufacturers like Vulcan, Wolf, and Baxter. If your commercial kitchen is having problems with broken fryers, steamers, grills, or griddles, then we're the experts to put you back on track.

Professional Appliance Installation.

High-functioning commercial kitchen appliances are a must in any competitive foodservice industry. Your cooking equipment must perform every day from the moment you purchase it. This is true for every piece of equipment from commercial fryers, ranges, grills, ovens, steamers, and holding cabinets. As an experienced service provider with decades of hands-on experience installing new and used restaurant equipment, we will ensure your appliances are ready from day one.

We will work with your kitchen staff to create installation plans without disrupting your work schedule. Our techs test every piece of equipment and spend time with your kitchen staff giving them equipment tips and tricks for performance and safety.

Our service members are factory-trained experts when it comes to getting the most out of new equipment. We work with customers and manufacturers to keep a high standard of quality control, and guarantee our work and uphold factory warranties so that you can enjoy the best service possible.

Careful Cooking Equipment Calibration Service.

We help to elevate your kitchen's performance by accurately calibrating cooking equipment such as ovens, ranges, fryers, and steamers. Our skilled technicians ensure precision, enhancing efficiency and consistency in your culinary creations. Trust us to fine-tune your equipment, achieving perfect results every time.

24/7 Cooking Appliance Service and Repair.

Our expert technicians offer fast, reliable 24/7 emergency repair services for your commercial cooking equipment, including grills, steamers, and ranges from leading brands. We understand the importance of time in your kitchen, ensuring minimal downtime with our hassle-free, round-the-clock support – even on holidays.

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Commercial Cooking Appliances We Service.

Maintaining the efficiency of your commercial ovens, stoves, fryers, and ranges is crucial for business success and customer safety. With our skilled service team, you're in good hands. Our technicians are up-to-date and trained by factory experts, ensuring full service coverage for all your cooking appliances, eliminating the need to juggle multiple service providers.

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We Help To Maintain Your Cooking Equipment.

We provide regular maintenance to prolong equipment performance. We take a proactive stance on maintenance to minimize future calls for service and improve customer experience.

Your commercial kitchen depends on the performance of your cooking equipment to get a job done. One piece of underperforming equipment can limit your staff's ability to make quality food. Our techs and maintenance services prolong your cooking equipment lifespan saving you time and money.

Benefits Of Cooking Equipment PM Service.

We recommend at regular visits to keep equipment running smoothly. Once we have determined a suitable plan, you can expect us to be there to take care of all your needs, all without needing to call.

Image Inspect equipment for essential part replacements to minimize breakdowns.
Image Perform cleaning, sanitizing, and removing of debris from equipment.
Image Calibrate equipment for consistent cooking performance.
Image Create a workable schedule to prolong your equipment's lifespan.
Image A cost effective solution that prolongs equipment performance.
Fri Jado Oven Installation
Techs Working
Vulcan Endurance Series 36 griddle top
Vulcan Gas Convection Oven
Vulcan Range
Vulcan Stock Pot Range
Baxter Mini Rack Convection Oven
Baxter OV500 G2 Double Rack Oven
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