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commercial hobart dishwasher repair

To restaurant owners and any food serving establishment, a commercial dishwasher is one of the most vital pieces of kitchen equipment you can own. Being an efficient cleaning and sanitizing machine, commercial dishwashers help kitchen staff stay one step ahead. But what happens when it breaks down? Washing dishes by hand is hard work and doesn't provide the high level of cleanliness required by state regulators.

When your restaurant dishwasher breaks down, you need an experienced service provider who has all the tools to get your operation back on track. We focus on providing business owners with top-notch dishwasher services such as 24/7 emergency service, maintenance, installation, and part supply to reduce unplanned downtime.

As the local Hobart service partner in Santa Rosa for over 50 years, you can count on our service to be factory-backed and professional.

authorized Hobart Dishwasher service provider

Lytle FEG is the local Hobart service partner, providing the greater Santa Rosa area and Northern California with expert dishwasher services. Our techs are factory trained on the industry's most advanced commercial dishwashers from Hobart and Centerline.

You can expect the same level of service no matter the size of your business. We are your go-to for service, parts, and dishwasher installation..

24/7 emergency dishwasher repair service

We understand the importance of having a reliable repair service. Whether it's minutes before opening or seconds before your dinner rush, your staff rely on commercial dishwashers to keep up with the pace. We support your business's operations by providing 24/7 emergency dishwasher support, so nothing gets in their way!

Lytle FEG is dedicated to serving your commercial dishwasher needs no matter the hour or day. Whether it's a quick fix or desperate emergency, we have you covered!

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Dishwasher Maintenance Service

When it comes to food equipment, regularly scheduled maintenance is vital for reducing unplanned downtime and unexpected costs. As your service partner, we offer maintenance plans created to provide you with a wide range of benefits.

Your kitchen equipment should be cared for at regular intervals to avoid downtime and unexpected costs, which can put an unnecessary strain on your business operations.

Taking a proactive stance on maintenance can save you time and money, allowing your kitchen staff to focus on customers.

Receive Major Benefits:

Improved operators effeciency.
Reduce unexpected Maintenance Costs.
Promised expert maintenance service.
Reduced equipment downtime.
Prolong equipment investment - saves money!
Cost effective service that prolongs equipment performance.

get professional dishwasher installation

A business will need its commercial dishwasher installation done by a professional. Our technicians are trained and certified in the art of installing all dishwashers, so you can rest assured your investment is protected!

Our experts have decades worth of experience choosing just the right make or model that works best depending on its square footage requirements - all without any unwanted surprises along the way.

When you call Lytle FEG, you can expect prompt installation service. We work around your kitchen staff's schedule and communicate so to never interrupt their daily tasks. It's time you called a service company that puts your needs first.

contact us for local hobart dishwasher parts

Lytle FEG is your local go-to for quick delivery of commercial Hobart dishwasher parts in the greater Santa Rosa area. Being the authorized Hobart service partner in Santa Rosa, we have access to over $100 million worth of ITW Food Equipment Group parts, accessories, and kits.

Alongside this access, we have locally warehoused OEM dishwasher part supplies and 13 fully-stocked service vans, so we're always prepared while on the job. If needed, give our service department a call for factory-trained parts support. We have experts ready to help you with all your needs.

needing dishwasher repair service in santa rosa?

After 50 years of service, Lytle FEG is proud to be Santa Rosa's local restaurant equipment repair and maintenance specialist. We proudly support customers in our area with honest and reliable service solutions.

We look forward to providing you with quick and dependable repair services, maintenance, and equipment installation in the future.

Contact us today at (707)-545-1822 or request service online to get started!

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