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Commercial bakery equipment supply & service

Lytle FEG is your go-to destination for all your commercial bakery equipment needs. We take immense pride in providing high-quality bakery equipment to businesses across Northern California.

With our extensive experience and expertise, we help bakeries of all sizes achieve their goals by providing them with top-notch bakery equipment and unparalleled customer service.

Based in Santa Rosa, California, our location enables us to cater to the needs of local businesses while also offering our services to customers across the region.

Whether you're looking to start a new bakery, searching for commercial bakery oven repair, or need to upgrade your existing equipment, we have the expertise and resources to help you find the right equipment.

We repair commercial bakery equipment

We are a leading provider of expert bakery equipment repair. Our repair process provides quick and efficient service to minimize downtime and reduce the number of callbacks.

Our factory-trained technicians have the knowledge and expertise to repair essential bakery equipment. We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to accurately diagnose and repair equipment issues.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on excellent communication with customers. We keep them informed throughout the repair process and answer any questions they may have.

Overall, we provide reliable and efficient repair services for commercial bakery equipment, helping customers keep their businesses running smoothly.

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Premier Bakery Equipment FOr Sale

At Lytle FEG, we specialize in supplying commercial bakery equipment that is designed to meet the needs of bakeries, restaurants, and baking departments.

We supply equipment such as commercial ovens, deck ovens, bread slicers, and other high-volume bakery machines, which are essential for any baking operation.

All equipment is constructed with performance in mind, ensuring that it can handle the demands of high-volume baking. We work with premier manufacturers like Baxter to ensure that equipment is top-notch and built to last. In fact, we offer warranties on most equipment, giving our customers peace of mind knowing that their investment is protected.

Whether you're looking for a deck oven to bake artisanal bread or a high-volume bread slicer to speed up your production process, we have the equipment you need to succeed.

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you find the perfect solution for your baking needs. So if you're in the market for a commercial oven for a bakery or just need assistance selecting the right equipment for your operation, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Used Bakery Equipment: Affordable Solutions

We offer a range of affordable used commercial bakery equipment that can help you achieve your baking goals without burning a hole in your pocket. Our selection includes commercial mixers from top brands like Hobart, Baxter, and Centerline, which are known for their quality and durability.

Our used mixers come in a variety of sizes and capacities to suit different baking needs. They are designed to handle large batches of dough and batter, making them perfect for busy bakeries or commercial kitchens. Our mixers have been inspected and refurbished to ensure that they are in good working condition and can provide reliable performance for years to come.

In addition to mixers, we also supply other types of used commercial baking equipment, such as ovens, proofers, and sheeters, all at affordable prices. Whether you are starting a new bakery or expanding your existing one, our selection of used equipment can help you get the tools you need to succeed.

expert baking equipment installation

At Lytle FEG, we take pride in providing top-notch installation services for commercial bakery equipment. Our team of experienced technicians is equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to ensure that your bakery ovens and mixers are installed correctly and efficiently.

When it comes to the installation process, we follow a careful and thorough approach. We begin by assessing the site where the equipment will be installed, taking into consideration factors such as space, ventilation, and electrical requirements. We then carefully unpack and assemble the equipment, making sure to adhere to all safety protocols.

Once the equipment is assembled, we conduct a thorough test to ensure that it is functioning correctly. We also provide training to your staff on how to use and maintain the equipment properly, so you can get the most out of your investment. With our installation services, you can rest assured that your bakery equipment is in good hands.

Prolong Baking Equipment with Maintenance Services

We offer complete maintenance services for commercial bakery equipment to ensure that your baking equipment remains in optimal condition. Our maintenance process involves regular inspections, cleaning, and repairs to keep your equipment working efficiently and effectively. We work with you to create a customized maintenance plan that fits your bakery's specific needs and budget.

Regular maintenance of bakery equipment is essential to keep it functioning correctly and prevent unexpected breakdowns. Our team of experienced technicians ensures that your equipment is always in excellent condition, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity.

We identify and fix potential issues before they become major problems, saving you money on costly repairs and replacements in the long run. Our maintenance services also ensure that your equipment operates safely, preventing accidents and minimizing the risk of injury to your staff.

By investing in regular maintenance services for your bakery equipment, you can prolong its lifespan and ensure consistent quality in your baking products. With our expertise and experience, you can trust that your equipment is in good hands, allowing you to focus on your business's growth and success.

Lytle FEG: Your Baker's Preferred Equipment Supplier and Servicer

If you're looking for top-notch commercial bakery equipment services? We've got you covered! Our expert team provides a wide range of services, including sales, installation, maintenance, and repair.

Whether you're just starting out or need to upgrade your existing bakery, we've got the tools and experience to help you succeed. Our mission is to provide high-quality, reliable equipment and exceptional service at competitive prices.

Contact us today at (707)-545-1822 or request service online to get started!

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